Dress Code and Presentation

Being High Dreams the perfect place for encounters, rendezvous and socializing, were are obliged to request to our guests the most pristine presentation; with casual clothes, yet appropriate for the areas were required; which adhered to a relaxed attitude, allows you to incorporate immediately into the social circle of High Dreams, making full use, gratification and satisfaction of our different entertainment modules.

Special Limitations

  • The administration reserves any and all right of entry.
  • Nude recreation is permitted which in turn excludes all minor participation and entrance.
  • The use of any recording apparatus and cameras is banned.
  • Our club was built to fulfill the needs for couples`s enjoyment (man and woman); erotic games enthusiasts, sexual party fans, swingers, liberal couples, nudists, naturalists or lovers are welcome, where the only boundaries to respect are the preferences and decisions of other guests.
  • We promote a couples union through love or affection rather than economic reasons, which is why we do not condole in prostitution.
  • We decline the entry to unaccompanied men, with the exception of Wednesday nights, our Cupid Nights, with prior inscription.
  • Exceptionally, we allow unaccompanied women, sure that the female tact will further enrich the atmosphere of the resort.
  • Admission, Use, Consumption and marketing of illegal substances is completely prohibited.
  • Alcohol overindulgence is not allowed.