“Blue Dream Spa”

The “Blue Dream Spa” offers three diverse recreational rooms ideal for massages or the enjoyment of games between you and your significant other, a grand Jacuzzi, a spacious sauna and a splendid steam room designed for your satisfaction au natural, freed of all stereotypes or taboos.

Moon Light´s Dream

Dance above the stars, fulfill your own dreams in an environment liberated from all inhibitions; indulge yourself in lights, rhythm and sound of the highest quality, which will make the break of dawn your most exuberant awakening.

Golden Deck

Grasp the sun like never before in our exclusive swimwear-optional terrace and allow yourself to bear that perfect dream tan you´ve always wanted to boast, relax and live the experience contemplating the charmingly picturesque La Candelaria mountains.

La Candelaria Food Bar

La Candelaria was created with the ultimate goal of providing enticing snacks and the most exquisite appetizers for our guests, creating a climatic and pleasurable experience; certainly, your appetite will be the last thing on your mind. Please ask for our courtesy drinks.